Do you Think Doubling your Employees will Double your Profit?

It Won’t! And here is why:   Just because you double your workforce doesn’t mean you double your productivity. As bestselling author Jim Collins concluded in his book ‘GOOD to GREAT’ (why some companies make the leap and others don’t)… “Great vision without great people is [...]

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“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you its going to be a butterfly.” Buckminster Fuller.

Thinking of expanding your business? Then according to the latest research - your team may need to cultivate a ‘Growth Mind-set’.   The work carried out by world famous psychologist Dr. Carol Dwek on ‘Growth Mind-set’ has gained much popularity in recent times. According to Dweck [...]

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Is Happiness the New Productivity?

Happiness, ah that elusive feeling, one moment it’s there and next, it’s gone. Happiness can range from an immediate gratifying experience to satisfying long term meaningful objectives, goals or dreams. The latest research in neuroscience and psychology tells us that Human’s are goal-seeking mechanisms, we are [...]

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How do you make sure that you have hired the best employee for your business and you know they are going to be successful before investing time and money?

Hand’s up, who has recruited a new employee, you thought was a dream candidate only to be shocked and horrified when they handed in their notice before their six months probationary period is up? When this happens, you not only have to start all over again, [...]

Brave New Work

How People Analytics can help your Organisation take ‘First Advantage’ and Thrive in the Disruptive Times Ahead   A.I. is not coming – it’s already here!   At a recent conference on analytics in Dublin, a representative of the esteemed panel answered the question… ”Why should [...]